Business Immigration

If you own a business, have business experience or business management experience you can become a PR in Canada through various business programs.

Each province has different business immigration programs.

Requirements to apply as a business person in Ontario under Entrepreneur stream:

  • Business owner/manager experience
  • Personal net worth more than CAD$800,000 if you are planning to open a business within Greater Toronto Area
  • Personnel net worth more than CAD$600,000 if you are planning to start a business out side of Greater Toronto Area.
  • Must invest CAD$400,000 if your business is within GTA
  • Must invest CAD$200,000 if your business is out side of GTA
  • Must visit Ontario if you are buying an existing business.
    If you are interested in applying as a business immigrant, please Complete your evaluation below. We will assess you for the suitable program.

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Business Immigration Information

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